Increase access and ensure the school’s long-term health.


We believe passionately in the value of a Brookwood education. We also recognize that the rising price of independent school education and changing market dynamics have made it harder for families to afford this kind of investment. Thus, we must ensure accessibility, market competitiveness and long-term financial viability in today’s world while continuing to strategically improve our exemplary program.

In order to do this, Brookwood will:

Evaluate and modify our tuition structure, financial aid policy and cost structure in order to deliver a top-notch Brookwood education at a price that more members of the community can afford.

Using the in-depth work done in 2018 with the Strategic Pricing Task Force and Board of Trustees, we will rigorously vet our financial model and develop options to increase affordability and access and ensure the school’s long-term health. We will also continue to examine our cost structure to ensure that resources remain best deployed to enhance our program.

Increase our endowment for financial aid to support our strategic focus to increase access.

At a time when the price of independent school challenges many families, we will bolster our financial aid program to be a more permanently sustainable part of our financial model.

Build a culture of philanthropy across constituencies that inspires future participation.

Because robust fundraising is a cornerstone of a sound financial model, we will cultivate our community, re-energize our donor base, communicate a compelling message about the school,  and celebrate how philanthropy has contributed to Brookwood’s success.

Invest in mission-aligned, non-tuition revenue opportunities that leverage current personnel and physical assets.

We have a magnificent campus, a powerful brand and a remarkable staff.  If we maximize these assets entrepreneurially and increase revenue from non-tuition sources that are aligned with our mission, we will reduce tuition dependence and thus increase the health of our financial model.