Exceptional Faculty

Empower our faculty to impact Brookwood and beyond.


Inspirational teachers are at the heart of the Brookwood experience. Our culture emphasizes collaboration, inquiry and risk taking, and we invest in recruiting and retaining an exceptional faculty with the skills and ingenuity to design a stellar program. We also recognize that there are numerous students who would thrive in Brookwood’s program but who are not a part of it. Thus, we encourage our faculty to be thought leaders across the educational landscape, positively impacting educators and students beyond our campus as they share the power of Brookwood across the nation.

In order to do this, Brookwood will:

Provide faculty with the resources to be exceptional educators.

In addition to ensuring that faculty are compensated competitively, we are committed to cultivating an environment in which faculty are both mentors and students themselves and benefit from in-depth field study, training in emerging educational techniques, and robust professional growth cohorts. We will demonstrate that Brookwood is a place where students are not the only exuberant learners.

Cultivate faculty as thought leaders and encourage them to share their expertise broadly for the public good.

We will help position our faculty as thought leaders in the educational landscape. Through conference presentations, media and collegial exchange where faculty share achievements and engage in dialogue, they will positively impact educators and students beyond our campus while demonstrating the impact of a Brookwood education and how our approaches can benefit kids and teachers more broadly.

Present Brookwood as a sought-after destination for educators.

We will continue to cultivate a diverse pipeline of talent who wish to make Brookwood their home. We will differentiate our recruiting strategies and ensure that we are supporting our faculty in a variety of ways, from carefully nurturing our employee culture to fortifying our existing Teaching Apprentice Program, which provides year-long practicums for beginning teachers pursuing their Master’s degrees.

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