Inclusive Community

Foster dialogue across lines of difference and actively pursue equity and inclusion.


Brookwood was founded on the research-backed idea that our community is strongest—and learning outcomes are greatest—when comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and points of view. This concept is deeply rooted in our curriculum and culture, from small daily gestures like greeting students by name to the literacy focus on windows and mirrors through which students explore people of different and similar backgrounds to themselves.

Because our students must be able to work with people whose backgrounds are different from their own, now is the time to ensure that our kids are well-prepared to contribute to and thrive in increasingly global and diverse communities. Brookwood is committed to fortifying this aptitude in our students and staff and to having a larger number of diverse students, families and employees in our school in order to be a more inclusive, connected community where we all thrive.

Amplifying diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical ability, culture, religion and family structure together with a diversity of perspectives, skills, learning styles and expertise is critical to preparing students to be successful in the world today... and tomorrow.

Accordingly, Brookwood will:

Deepen the capacity for constructive dialogue across lines of difference.

We will bolster curricular components to help students refine their skills of critical discourse, listening for understanding, respectfully advocating their point of view, and deepening understanding of people and experiences unlike their own. To do so, we will help faculty and staff more deeply understand their own perspectives in order to better facilitate conversations in the classroom. Because understanding others begins with a deep understanding of one’s self, employees will further explore their own beliefs and hone their facilitation skills to hold space for all perspectives and most effectively coach students in communicating across lines of difference.

Research and implement best practices for hiring and retaining diverse faculty and staff; increase the percentage of diverse employees, especially people of color, to expand the range of voices in our classrooms.

We recognize that attaining this goal is not just a matter of will, but of proactive outreach and attuned hiring practices. We will also strive to better understand and support the experiences of diverse faculty and staff within our employee culture.

Better understand the experience of our diverse students and families in order to ensure that they are thoughtfully included in our community; increase the percentage of students and families reflecting all forms of diversity.

While diversity benefits all students, we want to ensure that first and foremost, our approach serves diverse students, families, faculty and staff themselves.

Build partnerships that allow our students to spend meaningful time working in communities that look and feel different than Brookwood.

Diverse communities are both far afield and very close to home. Through our project-based learning and other strategic outreach, we will increase our engagement with these communities, not as brief tourists but as learners and partners who develop empathy and understanding of others’ circumstances and outlooks.

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