Innovative Program

Design dynamic learning experiences that help our students hone their strengths and become their best selves.


Our students thirst for opportunities to tackle challenges that matter: they are ready to learn and prepared to act. They are intrinsically motivated and intellectually curious, and expect the same from peers and teachers. It is our distinct responsibility to engage our students in thoughtfully constructed growth opportunities that will help them learn how to contribute to their communities: family, classroom, neighborhood and beyond.

Building on our long history of academic excellence and social-emotional strength, we will increase opportunities for all kids to identify and pursue real-world problems and apply their knowledge for the greater good, leverage their strengths and deepen their learning strategies for success, and fortify their ability to lead independent and healthy lives. Supported by our magnificent 30-acre campus of forest, wetlands, pond, creek and turf where we use the outdoors to bring lessons to life, our students will develop life-long healthy attitudes as they hone their skills to thrive in high school and beyond.

In order to prepare our students, we will:

Create a Center for Leadership and Changemaking to deepen kids’ abilities to identify real-world problems and design solutions for the greater good.

When students engage in problem solving with others, their commitment to meaningful citizenship grows. At Brookwood, we cultivate students as change agents for good. Working closely within our school community and with our community partners, students will become problem-finders and innovative solution-generators who create observable, positive impact. The Center will provide professional development to help faculty successfully engage in this work with students and partner with institutions to make meaningful contributions.

Personalize learning to foster individual excellence, unlock potential and inspire passions.

Because every student benefits from learning how to plan, organize and learn, we will train all faculty in leading-edge techniques to strengthen executive functioning and equip every student with strategies for success. We also know that the gifts and talents that make each child unique should ignite a passion for learning that extends long into their future. Accordingly, to better support students whose learning profiles require additional direct support to access material and demonstrate knowledge, we will reimagine the delivery of our learning skills program to maximize each child’s strengths and best scaffold individual needs. Finally, we will enhance extension and reinforcement opportunities across the curriculum to stretch and support every learner, and we will increase opportunities for student choice to help develop students’ passions.

Build a school-wide wellness program to create a culture of balance and well-being while providing kids and families with tools to live healthy lives.

In today’s information-saturated and complicated popular culture, we recognize our critical responsibility to help students obtain the information, skills and strategies they need to make healthy decisions for their bodies, hearts and minds. Along with developing a well-sequenced PreK-8 program, we will deepen our parent partnership through a complementary parent education program focused on parenting skills and aspects of healthy child development to empower families to better navigate challenges at school, at home and in the world.

Reimagine our daily schedule to give students and teachers time to explore questions and topics in greater depth and across disciplines.

When students can focus more deeply over longer blocks of time, they can immerse themselves in meaningful work that speaks to their personal passions. In addition, they can create more profound connections to the material and to their learning without the stress of unnecessary transitions and competing demands. We will engage a team of educators to review and redesign how we spend students' time to maximize teaching and learning opportunities within the school day.

Improve the academic and student experience by further strengthening the cohesion and sequencing between grade levels across the school.

Our quest for cohesion across grade levels is challenged when there are multiple transition points in a student’s PreK-8 experience and when we don’t explicitly show how our intentional curriculum enables students to deepen their skills and complexity of thought. Therefore, we will further align our structures and practices, such as our approach to assessment and homework, and create a roadmap of our curricular pathways to ensure that the Brookwood experience best meets children’s developmental needs and best reflects our values in every grade level.

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