Our Journey


How we got here

In 2012, Brookwood completed its last strategic plan which provided important guidance over the past six years. It prioritized critical investments in a new Lower School, global education and project-based learning that stand today as pillars of the school’s identity and student experience.

In 2015, Brookwood welcomed Laura Caron as its new Head of School and renewed its commitment to leading elementary education on Boston’s North Shore and beyond. As Brookwood’s needs and opportunities became clearer, Caron launched the current strategic planning process in 2017 to propel Brookwood into its next chapter.

For the past year, the Brookwood community has been highly engaged in crafting the underpinnings of this plan. We have involved parents, educators trustees, students, alumni and community members in both informal engagements and intensive sessions to set priorities and generate ideas. Our work has included interviewing exemplary schools, researching the skills that will be critical for a changing world, understanding the views of prospective parents, mapping trends in our local marketplace, surveying and conducting focus groups with our parent body, shadowing students through the school day, and participating in a community-wide design day to imagine possibilities and prototype solutions.

As a result, our plan is the product of inputs from well over 300 people. Through our highly inclusive, design-thinking approach, the message was clear: differentiate our innovative program, invest in faculty, deepen our inclusive community and make affordability more sustainable.

Bringing the plan to life

A strategy is only as good as its implementation. We will pay close attention to the strategic plan’s execution, not just at the outset but through its life until 2024. While the mechanisms will evolve over time as we move from initial priorities to longer-term initiatives, the strategic plan outline will remain constant. To bring this strategy to life, we will:

  • Create a cross-functional team to set priorities and put budget numbers against activities.

  • Create an implementation plan with timelines for lead initiatives and appoint implementation teams for their execution.

  • Determine how initiatives will work together and the implications of that for their timing.

  • Establish metrics to measure progress to date.

  • Take stock of progress at quarterly administrative Leadership Team meetings and at the Board of Trustees’ annual strategy retreat.

  • Communicate progress to Brookwood community at regular intervals.

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Thank you

Special thanks go to our tremendous Board of Trustees and our intrepid Strategic Planning Team, a mix of committed parents, faculty, staff, trustees and other Brookwood friends who conscientiously shaped the process and helped us get to where we are today.


2017-2019 Board of Trustees Members

Stuart Abelson

Anne Bolno

Paul Bolno

Bob Broudo

Erich Buddenhagen

Laura Caron

John Corcoran

Meg du Four

Theresa Ellis

Faith Emerson

Kira Fabrizio

Paul George

Jon Godfrey

Andrew Heiskell

Stratton Lloyd

Jessica Long ‘00

Joseph Mueller

Amy Murphy Dowd

Monica Palmer

Akshay Patel ‘86

Brian Patrican

Jennifer Perkin

Amy Remondi

Charlton (Chat) Reynders III, Board Chair

Rebecca Riff

Rachel Rosenfeldt ‘95

Elizabeth Ruhl

Cynthia Rusis

Stephen Wunker


Strategic Planning Team

Stuart Abelson

CJ Bell

Anne Bolno

*Laura Caron

Molly Cook

John Corcoran

Jen Cunningham

*Theresa Ellis

Annie Johnson

*Stratton Lloyd

Andrew Luman

Gavin McGrath ‘97

Akshay Patel ‘86

Jon Payson

Jennifer Perkin

Charlton (Chat) Reynders III, Board Chair

Rebecca Riff

*Stephen Wunker

*Strategic Planning Steering Committee