Deep Roots, Bright Future


Brookwood teems with opportunity. We have an abundance of creative ideas to make learning deep, engaging and enduring. We also have a student body and faculty that can achieve phenomenal results through ingenuity, careful research, passion and hard work. Yet these remarkable assets require us to prioritize and focus. To be truly outstanding in what we do, Brookwood needs a clear compass heading–a well-defined route to be the best place for kids to become their best selves. Our new strategic plan provides that guidance.

Since 1956, our students have excelled in our rigorous academic program because we appreciate what makes each student unique while educating both the mind and heart. We have always known that how kids feel determines whether they learn; therefore, we intentionally create a culture of connection in which our students feel supported to take frequent risks—and thus achieve more—in their academic, social and personal pursuits. And the research is clear—confident and happy students thrive.

Now, as we envision the complex world before us, we know that even well-intentioned schools with broad coursework and competent teachers are not enough to ensure that kids succeed. And given the growth of connectivity, technology and new models of working together combined with such constants as the need for citizenship, kindness and action, we realize schools cannot simply teach for content mastery.

Purpose and Impact.png

For over six decades, Brookwood’s model has served us well, and yet—like our students—our school is made for growth. Although our values have stayed consistent since our founding, our priorities and methods have evolved to serve the present and now are aligning to propel us into the future.

Building on our rich tradition of academic excellence and social-emotional strength, we will take clear steps to move boldly forward. We will engage students as leaders and changemakers, personalize learning for every student and strengthen our culture of wellness. We will redesign how we spend students’ time and increase the cohesion throughout our program. We will empower our exceptional faculty and encourage them to share their impact more broadly. We will strengthen our inclusive community, and finally, we will ensure the financial sustainability of our beloved school.

We are excited for you to join us as we embark on the next chapter of Brookwood's legacy of educational excellence.




Laura Caron
Head of School