Preparing Kids to Lead Lives of Purpose and Impact


At Brookwood, we see the path to preparation clearly: when kids learn with curiosity, think deeply and take risks, they walk confidently into the future. Our rigorous program helps kids become innovative creators, ethical leaders, contributing citizens and lifelong learners. Our educational model is anchored by five uniting goals that fuel the growth of each child as a unique individual. This approach—supported by research and born out of decades of successful experience—is rooted in the academic and social-emotional skill building and traditions that have made Brookwood students thrive for over sixty years.


The Brookwood Model for Exemplary Education


The Brookwood model will guide our future investments in teaching and learning and will catalyze a transformative education for our students. Through our deeply inspiring faculty, education will be tailored to children’s talents and needs so that we meet each child where they are and enable them to reach their fullest potential.

We will make education experiential and deep, bringing lessons to life by exploring problems in students’ backyards as well as across the globe. Students will develop skills across grade levels through a thoughtfully sequenced program that challenges them to internalize the approaches, habits and outlooks that will pay back over a lifetime. Whether captain of their college soccer team or the visionary behind a biotech breakthrough, Brookwood prepares kids to lead lives of purpose and impact.

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Our strategic plan will focus on: